Successful musicians focus on what they want to achieve and on taking proactive steps towards making their goals a reality.

Unsuccessful musicians worry about things they are afraid of. They focus on “avoiding failure” rather than on “achieving success”. Examples of this include: believing you are too young or too old to pursue a music career, wishing that you lived in a bigger city, or wishing that you had better connections in the music industry. All these fears cripple your ability to reach your music career goals.

The difference between the two paradigms above is massive. The success-based mindset empowers you to take action, to learn what you need to learn, to acquire the skills you need to develop and to get the music career success training you need to reach your goals…while the fear-based paradigm paralyzes you into immobility and ultimately leads to failure.

Most people don’t think about what the “other side” (record companies, bands, musicians and executives) want from THEM. Instead, they only think about what THEY (the musicians) want from these people and/or companies. This overblown sense of entitlement is a mentality that spells instant death to your music career.

Successful musicians have invested time into learning what the music industry looks for AND developed the skills needed to make themselves valuable to anyone they ever work with in the music business. As a result, they are able to sign the best record deals, sell the most records and make the most money playing music. Once YOU do these same things, you will be able to achieve the same level of success in the music industry.

Most aspiring professional musicians think that they should set their goals based on where they currently are, then work towards where they want to end up. The pros NEVER do this.

Instead, successful musicians reverse engineer their music career. This means they start by imagining themselves having already reached their music careergoals, then discover the final step that would be needed to reach that goal. After discovering this, they focus on identifying the step just before the final step…  and continue working backwards to where they are now. By planning their music career path in this way, they are able to live INTO the vision of their goals.

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